Invoke sync to all Intune devices with Microsoft Graph Powershell SDK

Im currently in the process of updating some of my older blogposts and this one is next inlineto get an 2023 overhaul. In 2019 I wrote “Intune – Invoke sync to all device sin Intune with the Intune Powershell SDK” that’s linked below. There 2 reasons why I need to

Get all assigned Intune policies and apps from a Microsoft Entra group

Almost 4 years ago, back in 2019 I wrote an article on how to Get all assigned Intune policies and apps from an Azure AD group with the help of the Intune powershell SDK. https://timmyit.com/2019/12/04/get-all-assigned-intune-policies-and-apps-per-azure-ad-group/ This has become one of the most popular articles on my site and the reason

Intune – error when creating deployment for Zebra updates

Few months ago I wrote a blog post on how to manage updates for Zebra devices with Intune and new FOTA (Firmware over the air) capabilities we got in Intune. You can find that post here: Related to this I want to just showcase an issue I recently saw and

Android enrollment stuck at “Your work checklist” in Intune

This will be a short article on something that took me a while to figure out and hopefully helps anyone elserunning in to similar issues. To explain the problem, when you are enrolling your Android devices (in this case Corporate Owned Personally Enabled – COPE ) you get stuck on

First look at managing Android updates for Zebra devices with Intune

Managing updates is always a hot topic and when it comes to managing updates for Android devices its a mixed blessing. I have previously covered how you manage updates for your Samsung devices with the help of E-FOTA and Intune that you can find here: This time I will take

Intune – Rename devices with Powershell and Microsoft.Graph module

This is an update to an older article I wrote back in 2019 on how to Rename a device with Powershell and Graph ( https://timmyit.com/2019/05/21/intune-rename-ios-devices-with-intune-powershell-sdk/ ). Whats changed since 2019 is the powershell module and the deprecation of the AzureAD module that was used for authentication. From now on we

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