Lockdown Mode in iOS 16 – What happens if the device is already managed ?

Apple recently introduced a new feature in iOS 16 called Lockdown mode. This feature is aimed towards the small % of high risk targets of often state-sponsored hacking attempts. https://www.apple.com/newsroom/2022/07/apple-expands-commitment-to-protect-users-from-mercenary-spyware/ “Apple today detailed two initiatives to help protect users who may be personally targeted by some of the most sophisticated

Send custom notifications with intune powershell sdk

Last week (Week of July 22, 2019) Microsoft released a new feature in Intune where admins now can send custom notifications to the Company Portal app to Android and iOS devices. A short explenation of the function is that you send a notification to the Company portal application on iOS

Intune – Invoke sync to all devices in Intune with the Intune powershell SDK

IMPORTANT NOTICE.A new updated article from 2023 on this topic has been published here:https://timmyit.com/2023/10/23/invoke-sync-to-all-intune-devices-with-microsoft-graph-powershell-sdk/ The new article covers using the new Microsoft.Graph Powershell SDK instead of the old Intune Powershell SDK that has not been updated since 2019. I recommend you take a look at the newer article.   Continuing

Intune – Rename iOS devices with Intune Powershell SDK

Update 2023 – This is an article from 2019, please check out my most recent post from 2023 on this topic since there are some things that have changed. https://timmyit.com/2023/06/23/intune-rename-devices-with-powershell-and-microsoft-graph-module/ This will be the first post in a series where I will cover Graph API and in this specific post