Some special characters in deployment type name cause applications not to Install

I recently stumble upon a bug in ConfigMgr that can cause issues with application deployments so that applications won’t install. When you are creating and application and gets to the step where you are supposed to create a Deployment type and you give the deployment type a name containing some certain special characters this will cause you not to be able to install the application when deployed to a collection.


Following special characters have been tested and won’t cause any issues:

/ & ! # @ –


These special characters will cause issues:

\ ”



Here you have an example where the Name field contains a backslash “Install\Uninstall”.




When trying to Install the application that contains the backslash character it can look like this where it just keeps saying “installing..” and won’t continue until you go to another pane and back and you will see the “Install” button again



Here’s a another example with different app but with the same scenario for the deployment type name and it can show up is with an error message like this:





And in some instances the application won’t show up at all (app that should appear is WinRar 5.4.0)



Here’s a short video showing off the issue





So whats the workaround if this happens? Well it’s pretty simple actually.

Just rename the deployment type and remove the special character that caused the issue and let the client run an application deployment evaluation cycle and the installation will continue just fine.


Se which special characters that i found so far that will work and won’t work in the beginning of this post.


Bug report has been filed to Microsoft



That’s all for now and Until next time, cheers !

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