Intune Issue – changing requirements on win32 apps after its been uploaded

When browsing twitter a lovely Sunday morning I came a cross a tweet that caught my attention where it was reported that changing the requirements on an already created Win32 app In Intune wasn’t working as expected.

And since procrastination is one of my biggest strengths I thought I would look in to this and see if I could replicate it.

Describing the problem

Once you have a Win32 app In Intune and you go to that app and want to change the requirements you are not able to click “ok” button because its grayed out.

Here’s an example, I go to my Win32 App and as you can see we already have a few requirements configured.

If I try change these or add any new requirements we are still not able to click on “ok”.
I’ve tried all kinds of different combinations with only changing 1 of the requirements to all of them with the same result.

I’ve also tested in different browsers (Edge, Edge chromium, Chrome) and also in multiple tenants and I’m not able to click on “ok”.

Using Graph

The next question that came to mind was, Am I able to change the requirements using Graph?

I had to figure out the method being used by Intune for posting updates (PATCH method) on Win32 Apps and also get a hold of the JSON-object with all the information about the app to be able to modify it.

As seen below I change the “MinumCPUSpeedInMhz”, “minmumFreeDiskSpaceInMB” and “minimumMemoryInMB” to 3.

I Grabbed the JSON and ran it in the Graph Explorer to update my Win32 app which was a success.

Headed back in to Intune and saw that the changes we’re made and again I’m not able to change it from the UI if I try.

With this I concluded that there’s no permissions problem because I was using the same account in the Intune Console as I were in the Graph Explorer. So it seems to be something in the UI that makes us unable to change the requirements.

I’ll reach out to Intune support and follow up on this and any updates will be shared in this post.

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