Reconnect EMM connection between Intune and Knox E-fota

One year ago I wrote an article on managing updates for your Samsung devices with Samsung E-Fota together with Intune, now a year later the client secret had expired (had a 12 months lifespan) and I was starting to get email notifications that I had to reconnect my EMM connection so I thought I write a quick article on how to renew it.

Start with logging in to Knox E-fota and click on “Reconnect” that will be showcased in the top right corner on the screen.

You will end up here were you will see ClientID being empty and also Client Secret. Tenant ID should still be filled out.

Open up another tab in your browser and navigate to and from there go to “App registrations” and find your Application you have been using for Samsung E-fota.

As you can see here in my screenshot, the client secret had expired that why we need to update and create a new client secret. Click on your App registration

You can either click on “Certificates & Secrets” on the left side of the screen or click on “A certificate or secret has expired, Create new one

Click on “New client secret

Add a descriptions and select how long the secret should be valid

For the old secret, lets delete that one.

Go back to E-fota and paste the Client secret you just created and don’t forget to add the Client ID.

Note. Client ID is the same as previous and can be found on the Overview page for your App registrations

Once reconnected you’ll get a notification in the top right corner that everything is good.

If you for example enter the wrong Client ID you’ll see a error message like this when trying to reconnect:

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