Intune Powershell SDK – 2019

Back in 2018 I wrote a post about the Intune powershell SDK and explaining how to install it. What is the Intune Powershell SDK ? Its a powershell module which contains 1569 cmdlets, yes you read that correctly 1569 different cmdlets to help IT pro’s automate and manage their Intune

Intune assignment issue – Enumeration not permitted. Type an exact name or email address.

Content Assignment Issue Workaround Microsoft support Updated 2019-07-22 with offical workaround Microsoft, see section below. Assignment Issue Last week I came across a weird issue in Intune while working with a customer when it came to assigning apps and policies. When selecting group I was not able to search and

How to deploy .Net 3.5 with Intune

Content Introduction Prereqs .Net 3.5 Microsoft Win32 Content Prep Tool Creating our application and deployment Creating our Installation script Creating our .wintunewim file Deploy our application with Intune This is the introduction Welcome back to another blog post and today I will cover how to deploy .Dot 3.5 from Intune.There

Intune – Invoke sync to all devices in Intune with the Intune powershell SDK

  Continuing the series where I cover how to use the powershell SDK for Intune and some real world use cases. Today we will cover how to invoke a sync from Intune to one or several devices. If you haven’t installed the SDK you can either go to and

Intune – Rename iOS devices with Intune Powershell SDK

This will be the first post in a series where I will cover Graph API and in this specific post how we can rename iOS devices that’s being managed by Intune in a more automatic way then going in to the Intune portal and manually renaming them. There’s several levels

Intune – Show VPP account information directly from the Client Apps view for easier management

One challange I hear from customers and other IT Pros working with VPP (Volume purchase program) applications from Apple in Intune is that it if you have multiple VPP accounts and need to manage the application deployment for those in Intune there’s no way of seeing which app is linked