Remote Software Center – Concept Preview

One thing always leads to another and that’s exactly how this project came to start. Last year i did a blog post on how to Invoke Software Updates remotely with Powershell and one on Applications and just last week i followed up on OSD Task sequence. Combining all of those with the mindset of trying to simplify tasks and helping people i started out to create this tool i call Remote Software Center.


What is Remote Software Center  ?

It’s a Windows Form GUI made in Sapiens Powershell Studio combined with Powershell scripting using WMI and CIM instructions to call different built in functions in Software Center.  The goal is to have the same and more functionalities as the Software Center application on each client but managed remotely instead so one does’t have to log on to the local computer to perform tasks you do inside in Software Center.


Current version is available for Download over at Technet both as .PS1 format and .EXE


Watch the video below to see it in action.


Current version


This is how it looks in its current form. First you need to enter a computer name and “connect” after that the comboboxes will populate with all the available software being OSD Task Sequence, Applications and Software Updates that’s available on the client.

More features will be added in the future.





Technical information

The script runs under current user context which means that you need to have the sufficient rights to access the other computer or else it won’t work.

More info will be added.





Would love to get some feedback and ideas on this, post your comment below or hit me up on twitter


Until next time, cheers Timmy !

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