Android Zero Touch – 2 usefull DPC Extras during Intune enrollment

Here’s just a quick one about DPC extras when enrolling a device with Android Zero Touch that might come in handy.

Android documentation

System Apps are applications that comes on the device out of the box, this means its all apps that the manfucaturer has put on the device thats not part of the standard Android OS apps. For example Netflix and any OEM specific apps. We can enable or disable these app during enrollment with Zero touch. If we later want to do the same thing we can do that with Intune and Endpoint Manager if we want to.



Following device was enrolled with Zero Touch as a Dedicated device. Its a Samsung Xcover 5 running Android 11. The pictures below illustrates the difference between having the setting configured as false or true.



Android documentation


For the PROVISIONING_LOCALE this will override the user selection once the enrollment continues. For example if you have set the provisioning_locale to en_US and during the setup of the device the user chooses se_SV then it will apply the en_US once the user gets the Zero touch profile applied to their device during the enrollment process.

In this example the user selected Swedish as their language on during setup but the Android Zero Touch profile was configured with “”:”en_US” as such you can see here that it switches language during the process.

Full overview of all screens during the process:

If you want to use these 2 as part of your Zero Touch profile it would look something like this in the Zero Touch Portal:

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