Android Zero Touch – 2 usefull DPC Extras during Intune enrollment

Here’s just a quick one about DPC extras when enrolling a device with Android Zero Touch that might come in handy. Android documentation System Apps are applications that comes on the device out of the box, this means its all apps that the manfucaturer has put on the

Intune Issue – Allow standard users to enable encryption during Azure AD Join

Update This issue has been solved by Microsoft. A fix was rolled out and implemented on the 26th of August 2019 Huge thanks to @ConfigMgrDogs over on Twitter for the follow up on this. I’ve had several customers reaching out to me recently and wondering why their newly provisioned Autopilot

Intune Powershell SDK – 2019

Back in 2018 I wrote a post about the Intune powershell SDK and explaining how to install it. What is the Intune Powershell SDK ? Its a powershell module which contains 1569 cmdlets, yes you read that correctly 1569 different cmdlets to help IT pro’s automate and manage their Intune

SCCM – Find all powershell detection scripts for applications in your environment

Update: Updated the script to only accept 1 variable and thats DestinationPath, the rest its now automated in the script so no need to specify Siteserver or SiteCode any more but you need to run the script locally on your Siteserver, the script is also now available on Technet.