Android enrollment stuck at “Your work checklist” in Intune

This will be a short article on something that took me a while to figure out and hopefully helps anyone else
running in to similar issues.

To explain the problem, when you are enrolling your Android devices (in this case Corporate Owned Personally Enabled – COPE ) you get stuck on the enrollment page where it says “Your work checklist” once all the Apps has been installed and the next step is to register your device.

You are stuck on this page “Your work checklist”. If you click on “Set up” under the “Register your device” nothing happens. If you click on the arrow to go back nothing happens.

The 3 dots in the top right corner works but only gives you help information that’s totally useless at this time Or you can see what apps has been installed.

If you restart or reboot the device you just see the following pages and ends up where you started on the “Your work checklist” page.

Factory reset

To solve the problem we have to factory reset the device, for this specific type of device shown in the pictures ( Samsung Xcover 5 ) we need to press Volume down + Power Button while the power cable is connected to a PC. This last part, that the device needs to connected with a power cable to a PC is the most important part. If its not you will not be able to factory reset the device ! This took me a while to figure out, if the cable is not connected you will not enter the bootloader, or if the power cable is connected to a power outlet it wont work either.

Once the phone reboots, start pressing Volume Up + Power button to enter the bootloader.

In the bootloader, select the option “Wipe data / factory reset

Select “Factory data reset

afw#setup not supported on Android 11 and newer for COPE

On Android 11 and newer the afw#setup option is no longer supported for COPE specifically tho you can still use it but you will end up in the scenario described in this article. Meaning you will be stuck on the “Your work checklist” and will have to factory reset your device. I’ve tested with Samsung and Sony devices and both experience the same behaviour on Android 11 and newer.

This means that you will have to user other methods for COPE, for example Zero touch or Samsung KME enrollment.

Microsofts documentation on this

Googles documentation

So what this means for us managing devices, is that if you use the “Corporate-owned devices with work profile” token from Intune together with the afw#setup on a device running Android 11 or newer you will run in to this issue.

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