Intune – error when creating deployment for Zebra updates

Few months ago I wrote a blog post on how to manage updates for Zebra devices with Intune and new FOTA (Firmware over the air) capabilities we got in Intune. You can find that post here:

Related to this I want to just showcase an issue I recently saw and how I resolved it quickly.

The Issue

When trying to add a new deployment under Devices -> Android -> Android FOTA deployments (preview) in the step where you select which version you want to deploy I got an error trying to fetch the supported firmware versions. It did not matter which model I selected or if I choose “Latest release” or “Custom”

Every try resulted in the same error message. At this point I wasn’t sure what was going on, I when I clicked on the notification to get some more information in the top right corner it revealed something interest sting.

{"error":{"code":"400","message":"The connector is in error state. Skipping renewing access token. Error code: RefreshAccessTokenFailed.","innerError":{"date":"2023-09-10T06:59:01","request-id":"916e6b98-86a9-4a69-a8a6-77def666df03","client-request-id":"5ed17ee9-3044-4175-9113-03a2dc034087"}}}

Connector is in error state” caught my attention because we are using a connector between Intune and Zebra to be able to use all of these features. I navigated to Tenant Administration -> Connectors and tokens -> Firmware over-the-air update (preview) but To my surprise though, the connector was all good. At least that’s what the portal showed me.

Just for the sake of trying I disconnected the connector and connected it back again.

The new connection was in place and I tested to create a new deployment again, and hold and behold now everything worked fine again. No more error messages and I was able to create my deployment without any issues. Not sure if it was just a blip in the matrix or what’s going on since the connector health showed okay but wasn’t.

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