Intune – Invoke sync to all devices in Intune with the Intune powershell SDK

  Continuing the series where I cover how to use the powershell SDK for Intune and some real world use cases. Today we will cover how to invoke a sync from Intune to one or several devices. If you haven’t installed the SDK you can either go to and

ConfigMgr Current Branch 1802 – Phased deployments

  Late January Microsoft introduced something they called phased deployment in the technical preview 1801 for ConfigMgr and I went through the feature in a blog post here:   2 months later we now have a new ConfigMgr current branch release version 1802 and with that we now have the

Baseline Evaluation with Run script feature in ConfigMgr 1706

One of the new pre-realease features in ConfigMgr 1706 is the Run Script function which makes it possible to run Powershell scripts directly from the ConfigMgr console towards clients. This is a huge benefit to be able to do so because this means as long as the client is active

Import boundaries to SCCM with powershell

  This is the second blog post in a series of two where the first one was about exporting boundaries from ConfigMgr to .CSV files and you can check out that post here: Now its time for us to import it to ConfigMgr and it’s very simple to do, all

Export boundaries from SCCM with powershell

This blog post is the first in a series of 2 where i will showcase how to export iprange and subnet boundaries and then how to import them with the help of a powershell script. I’m a big proponent for automating task to increase productivity and I believe in the

LAPS Powershell installation script for Domain controllers

Continuing with LAPS, if you don’t know what LAPS is you should read this And take a look at my earlier post   Steps to Install So, I created a powershell script that will help install LAPS on your DC and configure most of the things automatically tho