Hardware inventory – Add firmware property to WMI class Win32_Diskdrive in ConfigMgr

There was a question on the Tech konnect facebook group the other day if there was any way of collecting disk name and firmware version from your clients in ConfigMgr. Yes you can do this with the help of Hardware inventory and the Win32_DiskDrive WMI Class and use the following

Making a GUI with Powershell Studio to run cmrcviewer.exe with logging

    I did a blog post few weeks back talking about how to do logging with Cmrcviewer and powershell (Here) That works great but if you intend to give it to someone else for example help desk you might wanna consider to make GUI for it instead of having

Beginner Guide – How to populate device collection with the help of AD groups

  I’ve wanted to try out and make guides in a video format for some time and mainly because some things is easier to show in a video and takes less time to prepare compared to writing a full blog post about it. So this is my first attempt and

Alternative workaround if SUP Endpoint definition deployment fails

  There will come a day when something isn’t working as it should any more, when that day arrives  we have to be able to estimate the situation and also preparing to do the necessary action to solve it. A big part of our job as administrators is to solve

Guide – Configuration Item with Powershell discovery and remediation – String Compliance

This is a guide for Configuration Item and Powershell, if you are new to Configuration Item and baselines i recommend you look at my previous blog post that’s more of a overview and in this post i will go more in to depth on Powershell discovery and remediation with String compliance rule.

SCCM – Assets & Compliance – Compliance settings – Configuration Baseline

Compliance Settings Helps you make sure that resources in your environment are compliant with a standard and/or criteria you set. There are many built-in features like being able to check registry key/values, File system(File version,date, folder etc), Active directory Query, SQL Query, WQL Query and more. If that won´t help you then