Get all assigned Intune policies and apps per Azure AD group

During MMS JAZZ Edition in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago me and the amazing Sandy Zeng did a presentation on using the Intune Powershell SDK and in this demo packed session we showed off a script that were able to find assigned policies and apps from AAD groups.

Intune Issue – changing requirements on win32 apps after its been uploaded

When browsing twitter a lovely Sunday morning I came a cross a tweet that caught my attention where it was reported that changing the requirements on an already created Win32 app In Intune wasn’t working as expected. And since procrastination is one of my biggest strengths I thought I would

Using PSADT with win32 Apps in intune

If you have been doing application deployment with ConfigMgr there’s a high lightlyhood you’ve came a cross Powershell Application Deployment Toolkit (PSADT) which is tool that helps you create a framework for wrapping the installation process for applications and some technical benefits in the form of logging information, GUI for

Intune Issue – Allow standard users to enable encryption during Azure AD Join

Update This issue has been solved by Microsoft. A fix was rolled out and implemented on the 26th of August 2019 Huge thanks to @ConfigMgrDogs over on Twitter for the follow up on this. I’ve had several customers reaching out to me recently and wondering why their newly provisioned Autopilot

schedule custom notifications with Azure automation and the Intune powershell SDK

In a previouse blog post of mine I showed how one could use the Intune Powershell SDK to send custom notification which is a new feature in Intune but without accessing the Intune portal. See link below In todays article we will take it one step further and schedule a