demystifying Scope tags in Intune – Part 1

Scope tags was for a long time a mystery for me, I’ve heard about it and I thought I understood what it was until I actually started looking in to what it is. I keep seeing comments and posts online on different forums where people have the wrong perception (just

Intune Powershell SDK – 2019

Back in 2018 I wrote a post about the Intune powershell SDK and explaining how to install it. What is the Intune Powershell SDK ? Its a powershell module which contains 1569 cmdlets, yes you read that correctly 1569 different cmdlets to help IT pro’s automate and manage their Intune

Intune assignment issue – Enumeration not permitted. Type an exact name or email address.

Content Assignment Issue Workaround Microsoft support Updated 2019-07-22 with offical workaround Microsoft, see section below. Assignment Issue Last week I came across a weird issue in Intune while working with a customer when it came to assigning apps and policies. When selecting group I was not able to search and