Intune Powershell SDK – 2019

Back in 2018 I wrote a post about the Intune powershell SDK and explaining how to install it.

What is the Intune Powershell SDK ?

Its a powershell module which contains 1569 cmdlets, yes you read that correctly 1569 different cmdlets to help IT pro’s automate and manage their Intune enviroment through powershell without needing to touch the Intune portal.

The SDK leverage the power of Microsoft Graph. More info can found over at Microsoft:

Microsoft Ignite 2018

Last year over at Microsofts annual conference Ignite, Dave Falkus and Rohit Ramur held a session talking about the Powershell SDK which I really recommend you watch. One of the things that have changed since then is for example the naming convention of the cmdlets its not the same any more.

Where to get the Intune Powershell SDK

The Intune powershell SDK is available over at Powershell Gallery and Github. The latest version as of writing this article is 6.1907.1.0

How to get started

Getting started is pretty easy and you could just go to the documentation and look through some of the examples Microsoft gives here:

I’ve also recorded a short video showing how to Install and get started with the Intune Powershell SDK

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